A lot of people say that they’d love to make money on the internet, but they really  have no Idea what it looks like in real life. One the problems online is that there are hundreds of way to make money online and most people just don’t know where to start. Some ways are easier than others and some ways are more profitable than other, but one thing is certain, people have figured out many ways to start a business online and make money.

despite all the avenues, it’s important to first pick one and only one way to get started. Later on as your business grows chances are you’ll have a business that makes money from multiple income streams from different ways of generating money on the internet, but again mastering one way when starting will give you a greater chance at success.

Below are 18 types of businesses you can start online today, and they are in no particular order;

- Ebay

This one is a commonly know opportunity since most everyone knows about ebay. Some ebay seller have grown their businesses to million dollars e-commerce businesses. People sell all kinds of things on ebay from old electronics, antics to silverware and those who take that activity seriously make good money at it. Keep in mid that other auction sites fall into the same category and it’s a business that anyone could start at anytime despite the excessive work that goes with it.


- Info products

An info product business is one that sell information that people are willing to pay for in a form of e-books, reports, audio recordings, videos and things of that nature. People are constantly searching for information on the internet and info products being cheap to make, they are commonly used buy Internet gurus who make millions year in year out  just creating and selling them.


- Physical products

Anything you can actually hold makes this business model what it is. If it’s tangible and can be sold online , you can sell it online as well. This is great for physical product developers or for people who have connections with manufactures . People make millions these days by having products made in china and selling them online with huge profits. This is also known as e-commerce and it’s multi billion industry.


- Affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketing business is a business where you basically sell other people’s product digital or physical. This is the business of choice for those who don’t want to go through the risk or hustle of creating their own product. This is actually the easiest way to start making money online and because it’s a business that is easy to get into it pretty much rules the internet.


- Content publishing with Adsense

Numerous people have build very profitable  businesses online by solely publishing content on their own websites or on other parties websites to cash in on Adsense.


- Mlm’s

the multi level marketing business model literally exploded online in 2008 when people realized that it was easier to find, connect and build a relationship with people online. A more professional way to refer to this way of doing business is ” network marketing.” The company that goes by the name of “Amway” popularized multi level  marketing, some think they might even have invented it. Now all sorts of companies are using that business model these days and there are thousands of programs you can get into to build a business around them online. It’s a legitimate business model and countless average Joes have made  millions online building such businesses.


- Coaching and consulting

This also has gotten really huge lately, there are a lot of experts out there.  If you’re one of them great, because there are thousand and thousands of people who would like to be coached by them. You could make a lot of money at it depending of your level of expertise. Some coaches or consultant make hundreds of dollars per hours other make thousands of dollars per hour.


- Service website

There are all kinds of service websites, in fact there are so many types of service website that can’t even start listing them. Those are businesses online that rather than sell you a product physical or digital, they do something for you. It could be a business to business service like “email marketing solution” for example or a consumer service like “bill a paying service online.”  “Web hosting”  is another service, If you’re going to be serious building a business online that a service you’ll definitely need further down to create a space on the world wide web in order to market your stuff.
start an online business 300x182 10 TYPES OF BUSINESSES YOU CAN START ONLINE TODAY


- Membership site

This business model also has to do with content. Here rather than using content to make money with Adsense, you deliver content to an audience and charge them a monthly fee for that information instead. Service websites that charge a fee in a continuous bases could be listed in this category as well.


- Social network

Social network businesses are huge these days and the 800 pound gorilla among the is ” Facebook” there are many of them popping all over the internet now. They are not that difficult to create, a member management script an you’re good to go. The only challenge here is the competition and  marketing it enough to building the reputation required to actually succeed. More social network website you might have heard of are youtbe, twiter, myspace…and a lot of dating websites could be placed into this category too.


- Virtual real estate

you could build a business “flipping domain names.”  It kinda works like real estate in real life except that your’re dealing with web properties. The good thing about this is that it’s way less complicated that the real life real estate that we know about yet some domain name are worth thousands of dollars and do trade from one party to another.


Alright, I just listed 10 types of businesses you can start online today. That list is by no mean exhausted, and like I said earlier there are hundreds of ways to make money online. Chance are I may even have missed the obvious ones, however I hope it gives you an idea how broad the avenue is and that there is a world of opportunities on the internet for those seeking to build legitimate businesses.




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