Although it’s possible to make sales here and there without a blog or a website when affiliate marketing, however serious marketers usually own a website or a blog. I personally prefer blogs because they are clean and easy to build. is a blog, if you’d like to learn how to install and configure a blog click here.

Proper planing is important and serve as a road map and will insure that you get to your destination when starting your new business from scratch. Unlike many newbies who quickly jump into registering a domain name and then trowing every affiliate program on their newly built blog hopping to get a sale, we’re going to do thing a little differently…the right way.

1/To get started as an affiliate, you’ll need to find an area of interest.
2/you’ll want to research that area of interest to make sure money can indeed be made if you pursued that interest
3/you’ll then want to come with quality contend delivery plan that will be the big picture for your blog concept.
4/once 1,2,3 completed you’ll choose the perfect domain name and register
5/you’ll start building a solid relationship with your readers
6/you’ll want promote your business through search engines as you go
7/1,2,3,4,5,6 done, then and only then will you monetize (match your audience with the right products) and cash in big.

We’ll brain storm to find something we’re interested in first and build from there. Believe me most people start at the end only to realize later on they got it wrong. People without the proper foundation almost always end up picking affiliate programs first. They’ll pick the programs based on the % paid. They higher the cut the easier they fall in love with the program. They will then quickly register a domain name to start building a blog.Without further research they’ll start adding content to their blog and later wonder why they are not making money.

When they finally figure out what the problems are, they’d already have worked for months and not ready to start all over from scratch. They finally quit and give up on their dreams…don’t let that happen to you. Some of the problems people who start the wrong way encounter in the future are;

Realizing later on that they have no real interest in the subject they are supposed to be writing about in order to build a relationship with there potential customers. Finding out the domain name they chose is not optimized for their niche at all and making them less competitive. Finding out the niche they are in is too competitive or too narrow for any money to be made. Finding out the keyword targeted on their pages don’t have enough commercial activities… and the list goes on

Just like building a business offline, building a business online takes time and it’s harder to try to fix all the broken peaces rather than building it right from day one. So once we have our subject of interest,a hobby or something we really enjoy and passionate about will we start doing research on the commercial viability of the blog concept. Remember the easy way to affiliate income is to build a blog that put you on the for front of your business as an expert where you can then educate and make recommend solutions to the people in your niche. Interest at heart with a medium not too competitive audience is what you are looking for,loving something alone is not enough for you to make money as an affiliate marketer.

If the initial interest for your blog concept doesn’t show a good potential for income don’t go ahead with the building process instead go back to brain storming more to come up with other thing you might be interested in for potential blog concept. All things falling in place,interest and commercial activity with many winnable keywords then and only then will you come up with a domain name for your business. Your passion for the subject is what will make content delivery easy and enable you to build a great relationship with your audience…choose right and your work will always be fun rather than feel like heavy work.

Get all the things above right and getting the sales with your affiliate programs after proper blog marketing will seem effortless. The proper way to a successful blog go something like this; work first…money later. Most people want the money first with no work…think about it,if you’re really going to build a six figure income online is that going to happen with you sleeping around?…of course not

Click here to read about the number one reason why people don’t make money online, then click on the following link to start brain storming for a potential blog concept.

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