The search engines are constantly changing their rules,however one fact stays the same;quality backlinks is what will put your blog or website on the first page.

The Search engine game has changed dramatically,and what we’ve witnessed recently with panda and penguin is only the beginning. Google is way smarter now and wants everyone to know it.

Over are the days when garbage low quality backlins dominated the search engines.

If you ever purchased links before I’m pretty sure you’ve seen packages like these, 300 directory submission,50 edu links, 150 social media profiles and so forth.

Well,those type of services are totally junk.Let me ask you this seriously,do you think the search engines doesn’t know what’s going on behind the scene? that they can’t see that all of the sudden you have a bunch of links all coming from the same place with a bunch of other site with the exact same set of links and acquired at the same speed?

Well they know it and are punishing those who don’t know how to give them what they want.

This is why you should build backlinks with Article marketing wizard.Your link building must be a slow and natural process. Autopilot articles submission to diverse blogs works well.

The sear engines have been telling us the do’s and the don’ts ever since.

When they said don’t buy links,people who bought links but “the right way” prospered while those who played by the rules perished …

When they said don’t build junk low quality links,once again those who automated with technology like article marketing wizard to tape into better quality links from real people’s sites were rewarded,but those who played by the books got nothing but misery.

Things have definitely changed,things are still changing,and will probably keep changing as we evolve.

However one thing is for certain, there’ll be a way to gain a competitive advantage if you know the right way to do it… And the ones playing by the books will keep going out of business or better yet never even start.

The name of the game is not to play by the books but to give the search engine what it really wants,all on autopilot.

So If you thought quality backlinking was about actually taking your time to sit down and submit a link after another personally,you’d stay a looser for a very long time. S.e.o and link building is complex and time consuming.

Automate Your backlinking efforts With the only set and forget it backlink building system that’ll benefit you for the long run and definitely not put your website or blog at risk in the SERP’s.