how much more productive would your online business be if you ranked on Google’s page one on several keywords?

We all want to be on Google’s page one but most of us can’t seem to ever achieve it and the reason is that the majority of us don’t understand how keywords,S.E.O and stuff like that work.

We often target keywords we can’t rank for too soon or post things on our blogs without a clear plan so we ca properly get ranked on the search engines.

By the end of this writing you’ll know where to go to find what I call “hidden germs” keywords.Keywords with great potential,and more importantly how to use them in your posts.

Some of you reading this page already a blogs or a website and are looking for the secret ingredient to ranking high in the search engine.For those of you who are new to building businesses online this is a great opportunity for you to start building your business by starting on the right foot from day one.

A common mistake when starting a business online is that people rush into registering a domain name for their new business too soon without a clear plan.

They then load their new blog with content and great pictures just to realize later on that the site concept they worked so hard on didn’t have enough commercial viability to make them money or they just end up not being unable to drive traffic to their blog because no one is really searching for what they are blogging about.

A problem most infopreneur have a tough time overcoming for the simple fact that they had forgotten the basics or the foundations to building a real business online.

The foundation is proper keyword research,yes that’s the most important thing when it comes to building a business online,get that part wrong and you’ll find yourself struggling like the majority with nice looking blogs with no visitors.

Don’t get me wrong,you could buy traffic or use various other traffic strategies that require deep pockets and still make it work for yourself,but to build a sustainable business online you’ll need to win great positions in the search engines with your pages.

To make money online you’ll have to be able to generate the right kind of traffic.There is the kind of traffic that knows you and keeps coming back to see if you have new updates”direct traffic”,there is also the referal traffic commonly known as “social media traffic” and last but not least,organic traffic”the one from search engines”

In my experience,the social media traffic is the least converting of all.

To me the most converting traffic out there is the one from search engines.Learn how to drive that traffic to your blog and you’ll find success.

The first step when looking for keywords is to brainstorm and figured out your site concept,your second step before even thinking about registering any domain name would be to do keyword testing…the foundation to be sure a niche is worth pursuing.

When done you’ll have part of the plan you need to start a successful business.

Let say you are starting a business that’s about teaching people how to start their own business online,trying to rank for the keyword “online business” would be a lot harder than trying the keyword “how to start a small business online”

I’m not saying that you’ll never be able to rank for the keyword online business,but what I’m saying is that it’ll take some time before you rank for it.Going for such a keyword too soon would lead to failure and many online business starters don’t understand why,so let me go deeper into the subject.

Unless you are starting your new online business on an aged domain with a high page rank,the reality is that the new domain you just bought will start you off at page rank zero “0″ in the search engines and will likely stay there until you start building backlinks to it.

It’s very difficult for a site PR 0 to rank above a site PR 6 when competing on a keyword.Big established businesses tent to go for the broad keywords as they have large search volume.

So large online businesses will find themselves competing on the broad keyword like “business”at over 1,000,000 search volume per month or “business online” rather than the keyword “how to start a small business online” with only 20000 search volume per month.

The keyword “business” is a root keyword and “how to start a small business online” is a long tail keyword. Any keyword with three or more words is a long tail keyword. They are usually easier to rank for and you’ll be able to find thousands of them by using the keyword academy’s favorite tool called “the key word project manager” and that’s where every newbie should start if they want to start seeing income sooner than later.

Ok,so the secret to quick profitability is to start with long tail keywords and word your way up to more general terms as you build more authority in your online business.

The Google adwords keyword tool is a great tool that can help brainstorming and finding great general ideas,but to find all the long tail keywords you need you’ll want to use “the keyword project manager”.

it’s harder now a days to have access to data like “page rank” especially when requested in large quantity as many outdated software used to request to ease keyword rankability management.

“The keyword project manager” is a rare keyword tool that’s still able to use “Page rank” to determine your chances of success on a particular keyword.

It goes something like this,you enter your broad keyword,you configure the keyword tool to return a large number of long tail keywords. The tool goes to work and gathers just what you need along with the page rank of the first five competitor ranking at page one for each keyword.

You then cherry pick and find “hidden germs” keywords as I like to call the ones with great potential that are easy to rank for considering “page rank”…..The keyword academy is the one and only keyword strategy school that has perfected the ins and out of search engine traffic based on keyword research.

Remember,a page PR 0 could easily beat another page PR 0 or challenge pages PR 1 and 2 successfully,but will find difficulty beating a page PR 3

As you target keywords during your keyword research,you’ll want to be careful who is already ranking for your keywords on page one of the search engine to know if you’d be able to compete considering your own PR.

So if a keyword you are targeting has mostly sites PR 5 at the search engine’s first page and you being a site PR 1 chance are it’ll take you a very long time before you get listed on that first page.

Pages PR 1 can easily beat pages PR 0 and PR 1 ,challenge pages PR 2 or 3 and possibly win,but beating a page rank 4 will require a lot more work…I hope you see the picture.

Finding the best keywords is a slow process when done manually,use the power of’the keyword project manager” and be sure to check out the keyword academy,they detain the science behind that great tool.