The use of an mlm system is the way to go in order to fix the three major problems faced by network marketers. My name is Alex Etoa, and the mlm system I’m about to present here solves all of them. Those problems are as follow;




I’m going to explain these points in more detail, but first let me say that this Mlm system is based on the combination of two powerful elements. Attraction marketing and a duplication platform. If you’re not successful with your network marketing business yet, it’s probably because you were never exposed to those two elements before.  As soon as you associate yourself with them success will start following immediately.

Now, to get you to understand how the system work let’s take a look at the McDonald’s business model for a minute. I don’t know about you but honestly I’m sure I can make a better burger than the one I get at  McDonald’s from home. In fact most people believe that the burger the buy at McDonald’s is not that healthy yet McDonald’s keeps making billion of dollar despite the fact that it is ran by high school kids. How is that possible? well, the secret is simply that they have a unified duplicatable system in place.

The only three jobs those kids have are as follow;

-Provide customer service.

-Take orders.

-Show to new kids how to provide customer service, and take orders.

That’s it. Wow!

You see,  the system does the rest. They push the button that turn on the fryers, microwave, and cash register. They


mlm leads for success

simply push the “GO BUTTONS”, and that’s why McDonald’s has succeeded. That level of duplication created a completely predictable experience for customers which is in fact McDonald real product. Whether you go to McDonald in Virginia beach or the one in San Diego California, the number 7 meal on the menu is the same as well as the experience…so If you thought McDonald’s was in the burger business think again. It’s not their food but the predictable nature of their food, service, and atmosphere, their business is ” building echo friendly pleasant food service atmosphere locations”.One will actually be more disappointed over bad customer service there rather than over a poorly made burger…think about that for a minute.

If you can understand and visualize the McDonald’s way of doing and apply it in your network marketing business, then succeeding becomes a peace of cake when you have the right tool. We go to McDonald because we know what to expect, your network marketing business should be no different, so if you’re still struggling with your business consider adding a network marketing system to your business.

Imagine Being able to plug anybody into a system where they can simply push a few buttons follow a few steps and turn themselves into recruiting champions…the system takes care of the rest on auto-pilot, and the cycle goes on as new people come in exploding the organisation as a result. Well, such a system has been made a reality and you can start taking advantage of it by visiting the following link  it’s attraction marketing at it’s best…a simple system by network marketers for network marketers.


You need to understand that your success is not determined by your company or what you are selling nor your compensation plan, But you and your ability to duplicate yourself.

Now lets go back on the problems we mentioned at the top earlier.


People hate to be sold on by nature. Have you ever wondered why after you join a network marketing company your easiest recruits are  friends or family? Well, the reason is simply because you had built a relationship with those people. They know you, trust you, and are willing to follow you. Basically it’s you they join, not your company…your compensation plan has nothing to do with it.

To succeed in your network marketing business you’ll need to turn your business into a relationship building business rather than a product or service providing business. When you have system that build relationships on your behalf and duplicating that process thin become easier all of the sudden and the Powerleadmaster does just that for anyone who plugs into it plus the system is customizable to suit any market…why limit yourself to a few leads a month when you can have thousands in auto-pilot.


People need to stop looking at network marketing businesses as a quick fixes for their financial situation and start looking at them for what they really are. A Network marketing business is a real businesses with expenses that work more like a financial asset like a CD or a Mutual fund that grows over time.

The average Joe  joins in, and all of the sudden finds himself/herself with ongoing business expenses like out of town seminars and training trips expenses, his/her back office maintenance expense fees, educational material expenses not counting the time invested in the business itself. They push out of their comfort zone for the first time spending money they don’t have leaving them without the means necessary to succeed as a business person.

The truth is that they came in to make money not to get in a deeper financial distress. The longer they stay in business, the more distressed their financial situation is likely to become as they keep learning, and taking advise from their don’t know how sponsors with not clear plan nor system. The reason for so many people failing in Mlm is that people don’t realize that they’re in an industry of business ownership pursued by people who have never been business owners before…like a blind man leading another.


Without a duplicatable system in place, it’d just take too long for the average Joe to be able to see solid results or reach a full time income, and be able to enjoy success. As you can see on your comp plan the real money only start coming in at the end after you have built a sizable team. The Powerleadmaster solves the lack  cash flow  with an unprecedented money making  solution that seats the front door of your business to help you build some cash to make up for your business expenses or deficits while waiting for the big money later.



I used to talk to people who had no interest in being entrepreneurs, I did the 20 question interview all the time, I went to the post office regularly to send expensive info packets, I scheduled and made follow up calls even though I hated it,  I answered objection questions, and I constantly dealt with “my company is better than yours” garbage…Oh man what a drag it was…and how is anyone supposed to duplicate that?

Then I thought, if I could just have 10 new people a week to expose my business opportunity to on auto-pilot and get them to do the same easily I’ll have it made. Luckily for me, around that period I found the powerleadmaster. You see,  I can’t really sell, I hate chasing people, and I’m not too good when it comes to explaining complicated thing to others but I can push a few buttons on my system, and let the system take care of the rest “like the kids at McDonald’s.”The system eases the recruiting process. Once in my new recruits are plugged into the same system, the incredible system makes them follow the same steps I followed, and voila…duplication…the system takes care of the rest.

This said, rather than worry about multiple complicated things that are not duplicatable all you have left to do is getting people to the front door of your business. Anybody can duplicate that while the system takes care of the rest…now go to to see what I’m talking about.

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