Hi this is Alex Etoa,you landing on this page is absolutely no luck,you have been searching,and you’re here because you’re looking for valuable information on how to market your Mlm opportunity.

Mlm marketing is far from being rocket science,anyone can do it when given the right approach.When I first started with network marketing,I jumped from one company to another for several years thinking that my failure was due to the company or the products I promoted,but after many years of trial and error,I finally came to realize after I discovered”Attraction marketing” that finding success in network marketing had nothing to do with my company or products,but me and me alone.

mlm marketing success Mlm marketing

mlm marketing success

I went from promoting financial services,weight loss programs to Lawyer services and more with minimal success.With attraction marketing I decided to take my Mlm marketing online,and magic started to happen.

I was learning from My Mlm marketing mentors,and I was doing it the right way this time around.Now that I’m successful,I build this website so that I can help you become successful as well.

I don’t know much about you yet,perhaps you’re new to Mlm marketing or you’ve been struggling for some time,and can’t just figure out how to get things moving in your business,whatever your situation,I’ll help you as much as I can.

During my struggling times,I learned the old ways of doing from my up line.If you can’t find success it’s probably because you’re still learning from your struggling up line just  like all the 90% network marketers who make less than 60 bucks a month and still learning from their up lines.

Next time you go to your weekly Mlm meeting if your are still conducting business that old way,look around and notice how your up line and your up line’s up line both look at you with hope in their eyes.They hope that you’re the supper star that will bring excitement back into their business as they can’t seem to be able to recruit in large number themselves with their old way of doing things.

Traditional Mlm marketing I was taught,and who just didn’t work for me went something like this…chasing friends and family,hosting home meetings,door to door prospecting,putting flyers on people’s cars and doors,purchasing leads,cold calling ,writing a hot list,and more.

I hated every single aspect of my old Mlm marketing techniques,and that’s how it goes for the majority of network marketers out there thus minimal to no success for all of them.

If you’re stagnating with you’re Mlm business, you’ve come to the right place for a major Mlm marketing make over.However if the old techniques are working for you as they do for some people,and if you’re happy with your results,feel free to keep doing what you have been doing.

Now just for you,yes you as you are still reading and looking for a solution,I going to show you a better way.Since I’ve taken my Mlm marketing efforts online,I’ve taken advantage of the technology available,and the leverage  the internet has to offers to finally become successful with my Mlm business.

mlm w2.01 Mlm marketing

Mlm marketing on web 2.0

I now have more free time to enjoy my life,and reach,teach so many more people how to succeed with simple Mlm marketing techniques done online,and that don’t require any complicated computer skills at all.

like most people I had a dream,a dream to financial freedom,more time for my family,and friends,I worked hard, 70 hours a week in various low paying jobs to make a living.I knew I had to make a change.I had to start my own business.

Even though I was a failure in network marketing for many years,I never gave up,my dream stayed alive,and I kept searching for a way to make it work as I knew Mlm was the perfect business model for me. I saw the low start up coast,the ability to work with other people,and leverage their time was incredible to me.

I encourage you for still trying,if you’re not a network marketer yet,feel free to pick and choose among the many incredible opportunities out there,when you start getting it right,my friend the sky’s the limit income wise.

By following simple steps as you change your Mlm marketing ways magic will star happening for you as well.

I’m going to help you go from the old way to the new way of Mlm marketing by teaching you things like;

-The new Mlm marketing/do’s and don’t

-Online presence building

-Branding/attraction marketing

-Online list building

-E-zine marketing

-Solo add marketing

-Blog marketing

-Video marketing

-Social media marketing/web 2.0

-Article marketing

-Online recruiting

-The funded proposal concept

-How to make money off people that say”no” to your primary opportunity

-How to have your prospect chasing you,and joining you on auto-pilot

-And more…


If you are still searching,search no more,these are the changes  I made in my business,the principle of attraction marketing,and taking my business online the right way got me to build a complete automated business with multiple streams of income.Weather people join me or not,I still make money,and your are soon going to be experiencing the same king of success if you stick with me.

mlm marketing dream Mlm marketing

mlm marketing dream

You need to understand that success only comes to those who work at it,network marketing is a real business.There is no magical secret out there,You just need to be dedicated and start taking one step after another.

If you’re ready to go after your dreams,come and work with me and I’ll show you all the tricks  to date so you can start your new Mlm marketing the right way and recruit more in your primary opportunity.

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