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Mlm opportunity-that free thing

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Hold up! now that you’re looking for an Mlm opportunity ,it’s time to understand what makes a great Mlm opportunity.

Mlm business opportunities are not created equal.Some push a not so great product and compensate for it by rewarding associates with high incentives,others are leadership strong while many only have a great product to back them up.

knowing what matters when choosing an Mlm opportunity is important.Once the choice made,sticking with the same company will be essential for long term growth.

Constantly Jumping from one opportunity to another is only going to wast your time and money,so picking carefully now could lead to early Mlm success.

Mlm success has more to with you and the way you present yourself to people,however having an Mlm business you’re passionate about is a big help.

I found it hard in the passed to promote things I did not fully believed in.Looking at how rewarding a comp plan is fine as we’re looking to make lots of money in the shortest time period,but often than not it’s easy to overlook the big picture and forget to develop a personal vision.

There are many Mlm opportunities you can chose from so be picky.

If you never heard about me,My name is Alex Etoa,and I’ve been network marketing for a while.This page is based on my personal experience over the years.

If you’re new to network marketing my best advice to you would be learn from other people’s mistakes and copy the leaders.

Try considering the following as a guideline to make your choice for the perfect Mlm opportunity to fit your personality.

1-How long has the company been around?

Talking about age and success I’m going to divide this into three categories to better explain the role age plays here.

The first category is “scam labeled” the second is “hidden germ” and the third category is “800 pound gorilla”

To me,a great Mlm opportunity is 3 to 5 years old,the ones I call hidden germs.Keep reading and you’ll soon understand why.

Mlm opportunity Lead capture page My lead company MLM OPPORTUNITY

Mlm opportunity- Lead capture page -My lead company

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If you had $100,000 to invest toady in the stock market and was forced to buy one and only one company with all that money. Would you buy Microsoft stock or the next social media community stock on the come up?

If you’re thinking Social media then becoming rich doesn’t scare you.

Microsoft stock is a 800 pound gorilla,It has gone through its booming phase.The stock at this point is unable to give investors the same kind of growth it did 25 years ago. great company but stagnant.

The 800 pound gorilla when talking about Mlm like in the example above is a company like Amway,other companies fitting that criteria would be Herbalife,Avon just to name a few.

Those are companies who’ve passed the test of time success.There was a time when those companies were criticized,and even called pyramid schemes.

The companies survived,gained in popularity,and along the way through many years of successful business made a lot people very wealthy.

The people who got very wealthy saw the time where people actively seeked and begged to join their opportunity since they were holding booming business ventures.

Today where ever network marketing is the main subject,more often than not one of those Mlm business giant is mentioned.

However is one of those “800 pound gorilla” the perfect Mlm opportunity for maximum growth in present times?

In my opinion,No.Don’t get me wrong a 800 pound gorilla will make you money,just like Microsoft stock would make its investor money,but the kind of growth and success that takes all the financial worries away for life will require 10 times more work with the 800 pound gorilla compared to a hidden germ.

Had you joined Amway in it’s first five years and stuck with it,you’d have see the time where people literally begged to get signed up…and that was right after Amway was legally recognized as a legitimate business with greater potential for success than the ordinary mom and pop shop.

Mlm opportunity Make money giving away free stuff MLM OPPORTUNITY

Mlm opportunity-Make money giving away free stuff

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Now let me ask you,when would you rather be part of an Mlm business ? when people are actively seeking for reps to get signed up or when reps are actively seeking for new people to sign?

The 800 pound gorilla has already seen its booming phase.They’ve been around for a long,usually over 15 years and the hype has gone.

Now lets look at the scam labeled to see why it wouldn’t be a good Mlm opportunity to be in as well.

The scam labeled is the new company just launching,they are still testing things and have no track record.They have been in business for less than 3 years.

It’s very tempting to want to be part of an Mlm opportunity that is just starting out. The perception is that being in early before everyone else could favoritize success.

It’s important to understand what our job as network marketer is,a lot of people get confused here.
Our job is to market,so whoever market best wins.

Joining early doesn’t guarantee success,properly marketing the opportunity does.Be patient and do your due diligence,it’ll fortify your belief and trust in the company which is the foundation for Mlm success.

The point is that the scam labeled is risky,I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy to have worked hard 2 to 3 years trying to build a business just find out a few years later that it’s shutting it’s door and taking your work with it.

I’m not saying you can’t join a Mlm opportunity early,all I’m saying is that you’ll need to understand the risks and rewards when joining a new venture.

When I personally choose an Mlm opportunity,I do my due diligence.I look at it as an investment for the long term so I tent to only watch new comers closely to see weather they survives the scam labeled time period test.

The period where people don’t believe in them, criticize the management and feel like the concept wouldn’t be sustainable.

They are usually called scams,and they go through a lot of changes to make things work properly.
Being part of one of those is not the best place to start,but some people do take the risk and get rewarded.

Mlm opportunity North American Power MLM OPPORTUNITY

Mlm opportunity-North American Power

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Look for the hidden germ,the Mlm opportunities That have passed the so called scam labeled phase.They are usually 3 years old and up but less than 5 years.

The hidden germ is on the verge to popularity,has proven a legitimate pay plan and is young enough with room for extreme growth.

As you work with them your chances to seeing the time period where people literally beg to be part of them will come and find you ready to sign up by truck load.

2-How much do I believe in the product or service

The more you like what you do the better you get at it.Enjoying your companies product/services and believing in it will get you to share your experiences rather than just trying to sell anything.

The company of your choice is something you’re likely to live with your next 10 years,so if you don’t feel 100% comfortable with the company in general,you’ll be better off leaving it alone or it’ll soon turn into another parked Mlm opportunity.

Most people join an MLM opportunity after they’d been fired by somebody else and sold on a dream that may not be theirs,that’s why it’s very important to be able to hod up for a minute,and let our true feelings dictate what we really want.

In other words let reality sink in to clearly be able to visualize,and create a dream coming from within ourselves….the big picture.

Most importantly wanting to own the product/service is a must when considering an Mlm opportunity.

3-How strong is the leadership

Third but not least is the leadership.Finding and learning about the masterminds behind the concept is necessary to be sure the company will be successfully making the right calls for continuous growth with the best interest of its representatives at heart.Founders experience and expertise is a must.

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