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Power Lead System is a new marketing platform that is quickly gaining in popularity. Everyone is talking about it as it came with a new twist to beat the 100% empower network commission structure by adding and combining 100% commission with matching bonuses on the pass ups. Power lead system is moving like wild fire on the internet, However this bring up a lot of questions like;

- What is the company really about?
- Is it the next big thing it?
- What exactly needs to be known that has not come out yet?

People tend to be skeptical when a new opportunity with this magnitude hits the marketplace, They want to be sure they get all the facts so they can make an informative decision regarding what is being presented to them.

If all you’ve had so far is question unanswered, Rest assure that this Power Lead System will answer all questions necessary and give you the information you’ve been seeking so that you can make a good decision for yourself.

Good news, Power lead system is free to use, so the best way to decide on a product like this would be to try their free member’s area to see and judge whether it’ll be competitive in the long run. If you haven’t seen the official Power Lead System introductory video, check it out below then go on with the rest of the review.

I’ve been marketing product on the internet for quite sometime now and based on what I’ve seen so far with the tools this company is offering for free is impressive. They offer lead capture page builder, autoresponder, sales page creator, sales funnel builder,personalized domain rather than a duplicate website, intensive ongoing marketing training just to name a few things Power lead system has in store for it’s members.

What I like about them is that they basically put every single thing a professional marketer needs all in one place without forgetting the newbies with their point and click usage simplicity. What marketers often do is to go and get most of the product offered by PLS individually, so it’s coming as a real relief for me personally as it used to be a hustle to manage all those products from different accounts.

The tools offered by PLS are absolutely necessary for anyone conducting business online and they don’t come cheap neither. Having a free system like Power Lead System is a still in my opinion.

The real thing that got me excited is their compensation plan. A couple years ago a company that goes by the name of empower network found unprecedented success with a marketing concept called “100% commission” and ever since a lot of copy cats came along to duplicate that concept with little to no success. PLS however is reinventing the 100% commission, they just made it 100% better…that’s why all the buzz.


The company basically pays 100% on everyone’s pay line, but this is the twist now; the pass ups to the sponsor are retained on a 50% match bonus creating a faster wealth builder that the previous companies did. At the speed PLS is moving, they should beat all earnings records as top leaders migrating to it.

Ok, now here’s the real question. The system is being advertised as a free on yet they pay 100%, where is all the commission money coming from?

Good question…they say it’s free and it really is for ever. You can use their tools to build any business out there or promote any program you want except that unless you upgrade no commission will be paid to you nor marketing training given. At that point it is just a great lead generation tool with excellent product to help you grow your online businesses.

When you upgrade however the game changes to high speed money generator with a platform built to help you build any business whether affiliate marketing, network marketing or offline business marketing while the platform is selling itself in the back end.

The only thing I did not like about Power Lead system is that the upgrade being set at$20 to $30 per month has an additional $23.95 added to it when upgrading for the company operations as far as staff maintenance, payment processing and so forth. However after some research considering the fact that I had never participated in a 100% commission pay plan, I found that that admin fee was the norm in that king of structure as well as reasonable. When the commission checks start coming, 23.95 becomes something that is really not to worry about.


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