• Have you ever wondered why some people really work hard and achieve very little?
  • Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that some people with no formal education are able to write million dollar checks while very educated brilliant people with all kinds of degrees can’t seem to be able to write a single check sometimes?
  • Have you ever taken a look at the idea that a very small percentage of the people seem to earn enormous amounts of money while the masses are really struggling to get by?


Hi! My name is Alex Etoa and I have an answer to the questions above… It’s all in our minds. Our belief system is based upon the evaluation of something, if frequently we re-evaluated a situation our belief about that situation will change.  Most people have a hard time believing that their yearly income could actually turn into their monthly income effortlessly if they started believing it. Instead they believe so much in the job system that they have become unaware that money could be generated any other way besides holding a regular job.


It’s way easier to become rich than stay middle class or poor when you know and understand the playing fields


I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the term rat race before. The quadrant in which you’re focusing you’re energy will have a huge impact in your overall result. To escape the rate race, working in a higher playing field can make all the difference. Please watch the video right below to listen to what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about that.

As explained in the video above it’s clear that the rich focus their energy where taxes are in their favor. They keep getting richer thanks to the loopholes they have created for themselves not available to the masses.

Wealthy people build businesses and corporations, and most people when they hear the word corporation immediately see a big building with exotic corporate executives whereas a corporation is simply a bunch of paperwork put together to create an entity in which a big business is going to be built on for maximum tax advantages.

The big building most people are familiar with is the result of all the enormous profits accumulated by the entity later on after all the tax brakes.

Once you master and start implementing the formula that makes the top 10% who they are, it’ll only make sense for you to start experiencing an exponential financial growth as well.

To make it easy after I found out the number one reason why people can’t seem to advance financially is because they lack ideas or realistic ways of creating wealth that they can passionately pursue, I decided to lay out an easy “step by step plan” that anyone can follow in order to get on track to extraordinary financial achievements.



The formula Is Quite Simple But Unfortunately Not Everyone Is Aware Of How It All Works 


We’ve all heard that “the rich keep getting richer” while the middle class keeps shrinking with the poor getting poorer. So how do the rich actually do it? Well, the answer is within this simple formula ‘ Asset – Liabilities = Owner’s equity.’ Please watch step one video below to better understand what it all means.


I hope you enjoyed the video, now let’s get the cat out of the bag.


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To take control of your results and move forward financially even more easily, you’ll need to start by changing your paradigms. Please watch legendary self improvement coach Bop Proctor in the following video to better understand the power of paradigms.


Most people go on with their daily lives pushing hard out of fear of loosing the little they have coupled with an equal feeling of hope that a better tomorrow will magically show up. Like an hamster in a hamster wheel they keep working harder and harder on the wrong side of the cash flow quadrant not even realizing that the rules had been written to work against them. They wait for the government to come to the rescue, count on the lottery drawing and expect wealth someday to be evenly distributed so that everyone can enjoy.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The majority will never know what it means to truly be financially free and live life to its full potential unless they decided to change. There is a saying going around that says; if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. To grow you must change and to change you’ve got to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Work hard on your job, and you’ll earn a living. Work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.



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  I know change is not easy especially when you’ve been programmed to think a certain way, however when you star applying proven techniques for change you’ll soon realize that the only barriers in front of you are the ones you’ve set yourself.


Step fiveStay Positive And Motivated

Have you ever really given everything you had to accomplish anything? Have you? Maybe you’ve  just kinda tried so far. When you finally become aware of the possibilities and opportunities around you maybe then you’ll want to wake up and never go back to sleep ever. Below is a video of a young man who’s realized a life changing opportunity had been given to him. Now, if you thing you’ve tried hard at anything in life watch that boy again, hopefully you’ll realize why you’re not yet successful…When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, then and only then you’ll be successful.