Some people still look at network marketing and say gosh isn’t that one of those pyramid schemes ? but let me ask you this;what’s the perception of a pyramid?…people at the top making all the money and people at the bottom doing all the work right? Yes, defining a pyramid scheme ,Isn’t that the perception of a pyramid?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alex Etoa and I’m going to explain why network marketing has passed that test and how people at the top don’t necessarily make all the money.  Also let me make a quick point before I keep going with this multilevel marketing debate and the miss conception of it being a pyramid. It’s not the geometric shape that people have a problem with,that geometric shape is probably the shape of your family tree,the shape of our government to the shape of an architect’s construction blue print.It’s the strongest structure known to men.

Every structural organization in the world is this shape,so the shape isn’t the problem,however that perception “people at the top make all the money” is an uneducated conclusion…let me explain what I mean here.In a typical corporation at the top you have the C.E.O right? does the president earn more money than the C.E.O?…not normally. How about below the president? does any of the vice president earn more money than the president?…No! Let me ask you another question and I want you to really think about it for a minute. What would happen if some of the vice presidents made more money than the president and the C.E.O? Really!what would happen? We’re talking about total confusion in the corporation.Better said you’re never going to see that happening.

The hole process is called delegation,each level of the whole corporation earns less income.The reason the president can tell the vice president what to do is because he earns more money. The corporate structure is what actually is “people at the top making the majority of the money and the people at the bottom none” The C.E.O of any corporation earns off the productivity of everyone in his corporation weather the C.E.O personally hires all the employees or somebody else in the company hires them. The C.E.O and only the C.E.O earns on multiple levels in the company but the business model I’m suggesting is very brilliant.The Mlm business model where you the individual is given the same opportunity as the C.E.O to earn in multiple levels of your opportunity.

In network marketing,you the individual is given the opportunity to earn off the productivity of the people in your organization weather you personally sponsored them or someone in your organization sponsored them. to reach this level of delegation network marketing had to elevate itself and come clean proving its fairness as a true leveled playing field with unlimited leverage potential. leverage where everyone has the same amount to gain in a fairly manner and the network marketing industry has achieved it. This is what makes the Mlm business structure the absolute fair structure available today.

In most Mlm business companies everyone can earn on a certain number of levels deep in the organization they build and everyone in the company can only earn that same number of levels deep.like maybe 4 levels deep or 6 levels deep for example. let’s say we use 4 levels deep for in our multilevel marketing example,so if you built your organization to be more productive than mine,you would earn more money than I would even if you were under me in my organization.


Mlm business-absolute fair structure

You being in my third level in my small built organization for example but with you having a larger organization than mine,you would be able to earn on tree generation I couldn’t be able to reach because everyone gets the same number of levels. There are people in my organization under me right now who earn more money than I do and do you know what I call that? …FAIR! Shouldn’t it be that way? When you take any structure shouldn’t the more productive person in that structure make the most money? That’s what I call leveled playing field with true leverage. Only network marketing can offer such leverage.

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