I remember when I first learned about affiliate marketing,I asked “why is everyone not participating in this” and I was shocked to learn that a large number of people didn’t even know what it really was…I surely didn’t at the time. I was already involved with network marketing and also becoming an affiliate marketer was exciting to me.

Affiliate marketing is a profit sharing between merchants and promoters.It’s done online or offline but this blog is focused on affiliate marketing online. Becoming an affiliate is easy and there are three parties involved in this business model.The promoter “you” the product owner “the merchant” and the product seeker “the buyer”. A win win situation for all three, the merchant works hard developing the product with all the sales copies to go with it and takes care of customer service.

After you’ve gotten familiar with a particular merchant’s product and feel comfortable recommending it to other affiliate marketing business 300x300 WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING AND HOW TO GET STARTED WITH ITpeople,money can be made. All you need to do next is drive traffic to the merchant. Every time someone you sent to the merchant buys the product you make money…that simple. The product seeker finally finds what he/she was looking for and buys it…thanks to you. Everyone is happy, you make money, the merchant sells more and the product seeker buys the product he/she had been searching for.

I immediately fell in love with this way of doing business online.There is virtually no cost to get started with most affiliate programs and it makes it possible for anyone with no product of their own to make money online. The more buyers you send to the merchant the more money you make…simple!

It all sounds really nice, affiliate marketing is simple but that doesn’t mean easy. Being successful as an affiliate marketer requires mastery of things like traffic generation,website/blog setups,landing page and more in order to conduct a profitable affiliate career…and those are the challenging parts of the equation that fails most people. Affiliate marketing is a real business and require proper planing,training and knowledge for success.

knowledge is power, following on the foot steps of someone who’s done it the right way will lead you to easy mastery and a nice income online fast rather than getting it all wrong.Learn how to build a successful affiliate website the ease way…click on the link>> affiliate step by step guide

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